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Updated: Jul 8, 2019


The idea for Vine was formed over coffee in Hawaii with a world renowned photographer ( and the owners mentor) named Scott Robert Lim. Although it was only formed less than a year ago, once the name was selected, there was never any looking back. By taking you through a question and answer approach, a better understanding is hopeful of what is involved in your selection.

Your engaged and have chosen the perfect venue with the perfect backdrops for pictures and now...... who is going to capture your day? Google Rochester NY Wedding Photographers and fasten your seat-belt and have snacks handy, your going to need them. The area is saturated with people who want your business but are they all qualified? Do they fit what your looking for in style and approach? Can you spend an entire day with the person and trust them? cost? Insurance?, Talented? Professional? Reliable equipment? Properly trained? These are just many of the questions that get you started and yes, can quickly help you eliminate many.

Let's break this down a little more and see if Vine fits your search!!!

Do we have insurance? Absolutely, through PPA (Professional Photographers Association) and most venues require a good policy these days to even be allowed to shoot there.

What kind of equipment do we use? Every lead photographer is required to have a high end camera with 2 card slots for an additional security that your day is captured. Most use Cannon 7D

Do we take credit cards? Yes, and that's just another security to you that we are a legit business.

How do I know my photographer is qualified? Anyone we send to document your day has either been an intern or involved in the mentor ship for and must pass a written and practical exam exam with a 90% or better. This ensures that they have a solid foundation of the exposure triangle ( Aperture, shutter speed and ISO) and how they all work together. It also makes sure they are able to take the lead on your day with coordinating the days portraits so all family members and guest are captured as well.

Are we on any other publications? Yes! You can find us on


Are we open to an interview? Yes, and we have a office at where you can view more portfolios, video, albums and prints to make sure we have experience with your style, venue and natural light.

Is there a contract? Yes, this protects us both and when signed with $300 deposit... the day is yours!

Why is the cost so reasonable? We started the business with our base expenses covered ( marketing, payroll, taxes and utilities) and decided it wasn't about trying to squeeze the most money out of couples, it was about allowing our team the ability to pursue there dreams and passion and coaching them to someday...... start there own business!

God bless and talk soon,

The Vine team

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