What Makes Great Wedding Photography In Rochester NY

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

You did a search for Photographers Near Me Vine and are overwhelmed with the options so now what? How do you choose?

Vine looks for many things when they choose a lead photographer to go out and represent there business but looking at the technical side of this question we can offer some insight in why Vine is simply unmatched when it comes to cost and the results that are produced.

What makes a great photo? Let's start by discrediting the age old saying "that camera takes great pictures". Although their are phenomenal cameras on the market, if you don't know how to shoot on manual that makes very little difference. All Vine shooters shoot on manual and it's required in order to be considered for employment.

The following is a compiled list of basic techniques that are involved in creating a great image to document your day and moves a poor photo into a form of art:

1) Composition- Rule of two thirds, leading lines, framing, depth of field, negative space and symmetry are common techniques that combined can support the foundation for a great photo and can draw the audience into the subject effortlessly and become pleasing to the eye.

2) Does the image display emotion? It is simply human nature to be drawn to emotion. Use this to your advantage and tell a story with it. The goal for wedding photographs is to bring the couple right back to the moment the image was captured even years later and fill them with emotional tears!

3) Use your backgrounds to help capture a glimpse of the subjects story and also add some mystery- Graffiti walls and body art are a great way to do this but be sure to still leave some mystery to them and make people wonder there full story and the significance. Being in tune with a couples wardrobe, styles and interest can and using a creative approach to them separate you as a photographer.

4) Are you using Juxtaposed images? Grandma holding her great grand baby or a bride in an expensive gown next to a old abandoned truck are great examples.

5) Look for unique lighting or color to add pop to a image- Silhouettes of subjects using the sky for backdrop or vibrant reds can add a lot to a image- Vine photographers are trained to LOOK for them!

Lastly, pay attention to detail and always be looking for that next knuck's candid shot!!

Thanks and contact us today to meet at our office and discuss your day and your vision for it,

The Vine Team


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