What Does It Mean To Be Vine Wedding Certified?

Well, here is a sample of the actual written part from 3 different quizzes they must take. There is also a practical actual live shooting exam then an official document of graduation.

1. When starting a wedding day, it is important to get arrive 15 minutes early.


2. While at brides getting ready location you- ( select all that apply )

a. get photos of details, shoes, dress, etc

b. sit back and relax, its going to be a long day

c. get as many shots off the shot list as possible

5. Wedding ceremony is at a Church, it is your responsibility to (select all that apply)

a. arrive 1 hour before ceremony

b. talk to priest, pastor or wedding coordinator

c. abide by all rules set by priest

d. get as close and take as many photos as possible, ignoring all rules

6. Many church ceremonies have a no flash policy during ceremony, what can you do to still achieve the best images?

a. Use flash for processional and recessional only ( if you don’t know these terms, learn them!)

b. Don’t use flash at all

c. Use flash only when priest is not looking

7. When not using flash, how are you able to lite up the ceremony for your photos?

a. Use as high of ISO as camera allows without extreme grain

b. Use slow Shutter speed

c. Open the aperture as wide as your lens allows

d. Light all the candles on the altar

10. It is best to do family photos with the “building on” process ( B only, G only, BandG together with her parents, then add her grandparents, then siblings, then spouses then add kids, cousins, then huge family , and same for Grooms side) so that no one is forgotten. T F

13. When arriving to reception location it is a must to:

a. Talk to the DJ to make sure you’re on the same timeline

b. Find out where and when BP is being introduced

2. When photographing groups use:

a. a zoom lens

b. a wide angle lens

c. A wide aperture

4. When would you want to use a narrow aperture?

a. never

b. group shots

c. BandG only

d. Bright sunny days

7. It s best to always use auto white balance



8. What can be done to reduce the orange in many churches and receptions IN camera?

9. What is the Kelvin scale?

10. When using off camera flash, you expose for background and then add light T F

Thanks for reading hope it was educational to see our approach!

The (certified) Vine team!

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