Pre- Engagement session preps

Pre- Engagement session preparations

As an engagement and wedding photographers in the Rochester, NY area, we have helped many couples with their pre-engagement session preparations! Our goal is to have great images that we both will be proud of.

Make Up

I highly recommend ladies get their make up done by a professional, Pros know best what will look good for your skin type and for the camera. (highlighters are not our friend for photos sessions) Even if you are the type that does not usually wear a lot of make treat yourself! If you do not usually wear makeup, then you should certainly leave it to the pros, besides who does not feel good about being pampered? You will feel like a million bucks and this confidence will shine through in your pictures! Also, this would be a great time to schedule your makeup consultation for your wedding day!


There is nothing worse (well I am sure I could thing of something but you get the point)… then someone trying to hide their nails because they didn’t get them done, that in turn restricts poses and the flow of the session. If you are not the type to get manicures, just make sure your nails are clean. YES, they will show.


I strongly suggest that you do not go tanning for either your engagement session, or your wedding day, unless this is your natural look and the weather has not cooperated. But please do not overdo it, you do not want your fiancé to look like a ghost compared to you. This also goes for tanning products, most will turn your skin orange, and this really shows in pictures.


Please no …. When the natural light or flash hits glitter it often ends up looking like white patches, thank goodness glitter is on its way out! But keep in mind some body lotions still contain micro glitter, save that lotion for a hot night out.

For Both of you

Schedule haircuts so that your hair just the right length that you like it! We all know the first week of a haircut, you cannot wait for it to grow just a little. So, plan a good week before your session. If you normally color your hair, make sure your roots are colored. Guys you do not want to look “too polished” especially if you normally go 3 months without a haircut. And its ok to be a little scruffy!

I hope this helps guide you to the weeks before your Engagement session!

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