Picking A Wedding Venue That Is Perfect For Portraits

So, your engaged and now the first step after the date is set is to find a wedding venue. Deciding who has the best food, includes a cake, open bar and price is important to most people but…. What about the pictures that you are going to adore forever and likely the only reminder you will have in twenty years. Bad venues can be cramped with poor lighting and monotonous backdrops and landscape. Which is more ideal, a reception in a church basement or somewhere that has appropriate natural lighting and white walls? Large windows and doors are a great benefit as well in producing natural light. Dark rooms and walls are an image torment. Light is depended on, inside venues and usually includes off camera flash that bounces off walls and ceilings. That said, blue walls are pretty but will bounce back blue light!

What about landscape? Is there decent foliage, architecture, plants, seasonal flowers and vines? Your goal is a good variety that has pop of color. Unique furniture, antique cars and buildings are a huge plus.

Lighting of various nature can be desired as well. Think String lights, candles, globes and Asian sky lanterns. The before mentioned can be turned into stunning images taken at night. (Side note: not directly related but consider the time of the ceremony and reception as well. Later in the day if possible when the sun isn't so dominant it washes out pictures if not a highly trained photographer.)

As you can see there is a different perspective from a photographers eyes in picking a venue. Your encouraged to work together and in determining the best options to capture your day!

Thanks and happy picking,

The Vine team!

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