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Updated: May 6, 2019

Did you know there was an staggering $136,092,990 spent on weddings in Monroe County last year? How about that the AVERAGE total cost was $31,790?

So what was all that money spent on? Well, the following is a pretty good guide and break down on average spend for a few items from a wedding statistics census.

Food/bar: $9,030

Rehearsal dinner: $730

Limo: $626

Ceremony efficient: $275

Cake: $537

Planner: $1010

Photographer: $1960 ( additional $503 for album)

Videographer: $1309

Photo booth: $463

Wedding band her: $938

For him: $549

(the way, average for engagement ring was $4099)

Engagement announcements, postage, save the dates and thank you cards $594

Gifts for attendants, parents, tips and favors $993

Flowers and decorations: $1471

DJ: $934

Hair/Makeup: $196

Wedding dress: $1454

Tux: $251 (each)

All of the above = $20,4066 so yes, there are a lot of hidden cost and can add up quickly!

Our advice is simple: Be true to whats really important in your day and find ways to cut back in other areas to make that happen, even if it means inviting four less people.... Really, your mothers cousin uncle Joe could care less if he comes! Happy planning and best wishes on your day!

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