15 Ways to make your wedding fun for your guest!

Is one of your biggest fears that you get to the cake cutting and no one is left at the reception? It was dud and they all left early? Your not alone and here are some great tips to help prevent that and make it a day to remember...... for everyone!

1) Hire a photographer with a sense of humor!

2) Hire a GREAT disc jockey- the experience really shows when it comes to getting people up and dancing, playing the right music and overall leading your guest through the night, not sitting back and waiting for things to happen. When booking your wedding with Vine, we can give you great DJ referrals.

3) Hire a surprise entertainer (celebrity impersonator) to come in ( Elvis???)

4) Have a fun theme- Carnival/food, Food trucks? Clambake/beach, travel theme-pre honeymoon, Vegas-games to accumulate points and the most wins a grand prize ( who doesn't like free at a wedding) Whatever food you choose consider stations and grazing throughout the reception. This will encourage people to mingle and never run out of food!

5) Selfie sticks for table favors? Flip flops? Nothing gets people relaxed more than seeing grandma and grandpa in flip flops!

6) Arcade games? Lawn games or bounce house?

7) Free bar! at least part of the night- This will get people "loosened up" for sure but make sure its done responsibly.

8) Hire a caricature to paint portraits at the reception

9) Hire a cigar roller or beer maker to demonstrate the craft and offer to your guest ( the guys would love this)

10) Fireworks display- enough said!

11) A music video made with all the guest on the dance floor ( wouldn't that be fun to watch in 20 years!)

12) Visit with your guest..... all of them!

13) Keep things short- Ceremony, speeches, all traditions

14) Evening food. Just as the party is getting going your guest will start to get hungry again then wow them again with a DIY dessert bar, pizza and wings, snacks

15) Let your guest build a bucket list for you. Literally a classy "bucket" and have stationary for them to share there ideas. You might be surprised what someone who has been married 30 years will list.

Whatever you plan the most important thing is people see YOU having fun. After all the formals are done..... relax and enjoy your day!

The Vine Team

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