I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer with over 15 years’ experience. I began Vine wedding photography to provide great images at an affordable cost. 




Finding new and unique ways to show off a bride and groom is what I love about photographing weddings. I also really enjoy getting to know each couple and their families to document their perfect day. I have a strong technical background from Biomedical Photography at RIT combined with over 5 years of wedding photography experience. Along with photography, you can find me mountain biking and traveling.




 I have had a love for photography as far back as I can remember, whether it be photographing my wife and kids, or photographing nature during my hunting and fishing trips. My love for wedding photography began a few years back when I was asked to help a friend photograph a wedding, I was instantly hooked! Many weddings later, I continue to keep chasing that next perfect image. My favorite part of photographing weddings are all the emotions that come with their day. Whether it be a tear, a laugh, or children giggling, I love to capture emotions!




While studying Photojournalism at RIT, wedding photography became a very natural transition.  I love capturing the emotion of the moment as well as the details of the big day. There is a unique story leading up to your wedding day and I want to convey that.  When I’m not photographing I like climbing high peaks and distance running.





I have been a photographer my whole life, and professionally in studios the last 15 plus years in the Rochester area. Photography is not only a career, but a sincere passion, and what power it is to know that I am capturing a moment in time for them to remember forever! I love to make people laugh so they feel comfortable in front of the camera, and my favorite part about capturing a wedding day would have to be later on in the night when everyone is dancing and having a great time. Its great to capture them after the stress of the day has gone and they are having so much fun.





My love of photography began 20 years ago when I was lucky enough to find an RIT photography professor as a mentor. For the past ten years I have been working with a variety of successful Rochester photographers and learning as much as possible. After gaining experience shooting portraits, schools, and professional events, I realized weddings are not only my favorite to photograph, but also the most rewarding. Capturing the love of a couple surrounded by their families and friends is truly amazing. I strive to deliver visual memories that highlight the detail that goes into your wedding day in order to tell your true love story.




Photography has been a passion of mine since I learned the ways of a camera through a photojournalism class at the University of Indianapolis. I ventured into wedding photography about 3 years ago, after having primarily focused on portrait and product photography for 7 years. I love capturing the pure, raw emotions on the day of your wedding; conveying a beautiful story that you can reflect upon years down the road. If I’m not behind a camera photographing weddings, I am behind it photographing my family and landscapes....or I am in front of it on YouTube.




Jason is busy working on his Bio